Copenhagen based photographer.

I do pictures of things that I find to be interesting, significant and beautiful.

Henriks talent, skills in Photography and conceptual thinking are as evident as helpful, in the process and progress of projects and productions. His conceptional work is bordering on fine Art, yet mixing this with youth- and pop-culture in interesting new ways.
Daniel Siegler, CEO Now & Partners, Cape Town.

Henrik contacted us with a great Summer campaign concept. First though: We love crazy ideas and startups ­ second thought:
Let’s see what he can do! So we did. ­ Henrik took care of almost everything: location, models and image retouch. He was very service­minded on location with us as directors and he delivered the material fast under deadline pressure. We are very satisfied with the outcome and I can certainly recommend him to other clients.
Rune Rasmussen, Communication & Design ­ RVLT/Revolution
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